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A Dream In Their Mind Is Our Mission

Collaborate with team members to rally support

Assist the refugees from Hong Kong, China, and other Asian countries to get legal services and help to pay for the legal fees if needed, so they can obtain a proper status.

 Offer community info. and coordinate resources to help these refugees to settle down in a safe environment.
Provide educational resources and venues to help them to learn English and find potential job opportunities, connect with the people and organizations in their local communities.
 Educate them about their new country, American culture, and values, founding principles of the country by having speakers, offering workshops and trainings.



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TEam work

Let's Meet The Team

Jeff Hewitt


Jeff Hewitt is, above all, a man of the good earth. Born in Redlands, California and raised in Yucaipa, CA, Hewitt is a lifelong California resident who was taught early on that to have a successful life, one needs to work hard, give people honest answers, and provide people a valuable service for their money. The result has been a 40-year run building the successful swimming pool construction business Champagne Pool & Electrical, which has dug thousands of holes in the ground for satisfied customers all over Southern California through innovative problem-solving and hard work.
After working to build relationships and bring that same innovative mindset to problem-solving on the small city of Calimesa CA’s Planning Commission and City Council for a total of 14 years combined (including three as Mayor), Mr. Hewitt currently serves as Riverside County’s 5th District Supervisor, making policy decisions that impact over 2.4 million Southern California residents every day. His goal is to make Riverside County government sustainable for future generations.
Hewitt has a Bachelor of Science in Biology, has been happily married to his wife, Wendy, for over 31 years and enjoys spending time off with his 6 children and 7 grandchildren.

Matthew “Boomer” Shannon


Boomer Shannon got his nickname as a very loud toddler, and his voice has continued to impact people over the years. Growing up in the foster care system, Boomer developed a toughness that would serve him well as an adult.
After testing out of public school at an early age, he developed both political and computer technology skills that resulted in positions of management in software development, marketing, mentoring and public relations, as well as on numerous ballot measure and candidate campaigns. In his most recent political campaign, he successfully managed fundraising, marketing and canvassing teams whose efforts culminated in the election of Jeff Hewitt to the Riverside County CA Board of Supervisors, the biggest win (in terms of constituents represented) in the history of the Libertarian Party.
Boomer currently works full time as Supervisor Hewitt’s Chief of Staff, supervising a team of eleven dedicated staff members and interacting with numerous County departments to help the Supervisor successfully solve policy, organizational and constituent problems. He also serves on the Executive Committee of the Libertarian Party of California as an At Large Representative, continuing his work to make the world around him a better place to live.

Tommy Bui


Tommy Bui is an American born citizen of Vietnamese refugees who escaped the fall of Saigon in 1975. Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Tommy and his family moved to California where he graduated from UCLA with a degree in Sociology and specialization in Asian American Studies and Business Administration. Tommy has over 15 years of operations and administrative experience at the executive level in commercial consulting and the private corrections industry. Currently, Tommy is a Contract Administrator and Asset Officer for the County of Orange, Health Care Agency.

John Williams


John Williams was born in Austin, Texas and currently lives with his wife Lily Tang Williams in Weare, NH. John worked for more than 30 years in Austin, Hong Kong, and Denver in the Intelligence & Space, Semi-conductor, and Airport Systems industries. While in Hong Kong from 1996-1998 John worked on the Integration of the Hong Kong International Airport. John has traveled throughout China for both business and pleasure. John attended the University of Texas at Austin earning Bachelor’s degrees in Mathematics and Physics, Texas A&M University where he earned a Master’s degree in Physics, and the University of Wyoming where he earned a Master’s degree in Computer Science.

Lily Tang Williams


Lily Tang Williams was born and grew up in Chengdu, Sichuan Province. She has a law degree from Fudan University and was a law assistant professor in Fudan before coming to the U.S. earning a Master’s degree in Administration and Planning from the School of Social Work at the University of Texas at Austin.

Subsequently, Lily started work for Wyoming Home Health as a medical social worker, and later she worked as an executive for corporations in both Hong Kong and the U.S. Eventually, she went into business for herself, providing consulting services in international business and, with her husband, buying and managing residential real estate properties. In 2014, Lily ran for Colorado State House District 44. In 2016, Lily was the candidate for U.S. Senate in Colorado

Jay Lucas


Jay Lucas was born in Newport, NH. He lives with his wife Karen in Portsmouth, NH, where they work together, helping children and families of fallen veterans. In addition, Jay is leading efforts along with others to revitalize his hometown of Newport. Jay started his career at Bain & Company where he was a partner, and today is an entrepreneur and founder of LB Equity, a private firm focused on growing small businesses in the beauty, wellness and personal care sectors. He earned his MBA from Harvard Business School, a Law degree from Harvard Law School, and a BA from Yale University. He attended Oxford University as a Marshall Scholar where he studied International Relations and Military History. He is currently also a founding member of the Committee on the Present Danger China.